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GHG Emission Survey in industry


KEA collects actual energy demand data on energy consumption by business premise and fuel combustion facility through extensive survey of the industrial sector. The goal is to calculate more accurate GHG emission using the data collected.


  • Under the post-2012 system of the Convention on Climate Change, there are more obligations for Korea such as setting measurable, reportable and verifiable GHG reduction targets.
    • Sophisticated statistics that meet the international standard is needed to manage data on GHG emission of energy users in Korea. Using the statistics, KEA can assess accurate potential GHG reduction and help the government to have better negotiation results.
  • KEA has been developing comprehensive database on GHG emission since 2005 when KEA first started to conduct the statistical survey in manufacturing and mining sectors.
    • KEA conducted the survey in every three year but the yearly survey has been conducted since 2011 according to the principles of the responsible agencies in each sector.

KEA develops GHG database through statistical survey of energy consumption and GHG emission in business premises by sector in order to identify energy saving opportunities and asses potential GHG reduction.

Targets of the program
  • Business premises subject to the program are selected based on the 9th Korea Standard Industry Code developed by Statistics Korea
    • - 150,000 business premises in mining and manufacturing sectors (including 120,000 business premises with over 5 employees)