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Korea Voluntary Emission Reduction Program


This program was developed to help SMEs who have troubles in implementing voluntary GHG reduction projects due to lack of management resources, information and technology. KEA gives financial and technological support to encourage them to participate in Korea Voluntary Emission Reduction program (KVER) and to help them enhance their competitiveness.


KEA evaluates domestic GHG reduction projects based on its strict criteria and register potential reduction of each projects. Then KEA evaluates and verify the results made during the duration of the projects (5 years) to certify the GHG reduction.

Targets of the program
  • Projects of which planned reduction is over 100t CO2 per annum

    ※ Project start date (the date when the actual reduction starts) should fall within one year from the date of the registration request

  • Projects eligible for the registration are energy use rationalization projects, new and renewable energy development projects and other emission reduction projects approved by the government
Program Procedure

GHG Reduction Project Registry System Program Procedure